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2010 December 06 | Atlanta Plumber

Frozen pipe prevention tips…by your Atlanta Plumbing Company.

Here is the last couple of days the tempartures here in Atlanta have dipped into the 30s.   We have already revieved calls about busted water pipes and have made several repairs in the area. 

1. If you have outside water hose connections, now is the time to turn off the supply from inside the house.  Once this is compelted drain the remaining water by turning on the outside spicket.  This will save you a lot of trounble.

2. Concerning your irrigation or sprinkler system make sure it is turned off at the meter.  Once that is turned off and it should auto drain back down.  These systems are only 4 inches deep here in Atlanta and will freeze if not properly drained before the first big freeze.

3.  When we are experienceing low temps, we need to let the water run on the facucet furthest from the main area where water comes into the house.

Take these precautions and it should mitigate the risk of busted pipes.

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