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2010 December 14 | Atlanta Plumber

When choosing your plumbing company it is important to keep several things in mind.

1.  We are still in a down economy and there are many so called handymen that are passing themselves off as experienced Atlanta plumbers.  This could end up costing you extra since there is no guarantee that the job will be done right the first time.

2.  Experienced, licensed plumbing companies have a reputation to uphold and will stand by their work.

3.  When you hire experienced and licensed plumbers here in the Atlanta area, you will end up saving time and money.  They are not looking to make a killing off one customer.

4.  Your experienced, licensed plumber will have a  long track record of satisfied customers and will have reviews on Kudzu and Merchants Circle.

5.  They will be clean, courteous and affordable.

6.  Your Atlanta Plumber will be dependable and able to handle the full spectrum of plumbing problems.  Below is just a short list of the plumbing problems and good plumber can fix for you.

a. Waterline repair

b.  Hot water heater repair

c.  Leak detection and repair

d. Faucets, bath tubs and shower repairs

So when needing a good plumbing company in the Atlanta metro area make sure you are hiring a licensed, experienced and insured plumber. 

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