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2011 January | Atlanta Plumber

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Wackiest Kitchen Products IV

16 more crazy kitchen accessories, including an egg cuber, a Star Wars pizza cutter, and other quirky gadgets you never knew you always wanted
This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems admin A correctly designed and installed home plumbing system is practically trouble-free. But  even the best systems can develop problems from time to time – everything from burst and  leaking pipes to clogged drains. Here are some of the most common home plumbing problems and suggestions for dealing with the unexpected trouble: • Shut off the […]

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Home Plumbing Systems admin Simple plumbing jobs, such as replacing a washer in a faucet or unclogging a sink, do not require a lot of skill. However, for larger jobs you may need not only some basic know-how but also a permit or license. Home plumbing involves two systems: the water supply system and the drain-waste-vent (DWV) system. Water […]

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At http://Ridgewaymechanical.com we use Rheem water heaters.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  For one thing they are an Atlanta GA company which means we have direct contact with them.  It affords us the opportunity to pass on the savings of the equipment and plumbing supplies to you our valued customers.  Another reason we use Rheem, is that in our over 25 years of experience as your plumber in Atlanta Ga., we have had terrific experiences with them.  Their products are of the highest quality in the industry and they stand by their products.  Please read the excerpt from their website below.

      • “Rheem Manufacturing Company (www.rheem.com) is privately held with headquarters in Atlanta. In its 83rd year of operation, the company manufactures a full-line of eco friendly, technologically advanced residential and commercial heating and cooling systems; tank, tankless, solar and hybrid heat pump water heaters; whole-home standby    generators, controls, swimming pool and spa heaters; indoor air-purification products; and commercial boilers throughout North America and world markets. The company’s  premium brands, including Raypak, Ruud and Rheem, have been recognized with countless industry and consumer awards for reliability, innovative design and high quality.”

Pictured is one of their residential models that has new heat trapping damper technology that brings to our customers even more energy savings.  They have a chart of savings on their website but the average savings per year is nearly $300.  Not bad.  Within a few years the hot water heater can pay for itself.  We are your professional plumber in the Atlanta Ga area.  We offer professional plumbing services in the Atlanta ga area and stand ready to meet all your atlanta plumber service needs.  www.ridgewaymechanical.com 770-354-4594

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Polybutylene (PB) Pipes for DIY Plumbing admin When outdoor temperatures drop, many homeowners’ blood pressures rise. Burst plumbing  pipes remain close to the top of cold weather worries list. You can protect your home  from burst pipes by keeping a small amount of water running through all faucets when  there is danger of a freeze. Insulating all outdoor conduits also guards against […]

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A Bright Attic Suite for $2,620

A dingy, makeshift bedroom and bath becomes a cheery retreat with custom built-ins—for less than the cost of a new set of furniture
This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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Leaking Bath Taps

A leaking bath tap is a fairly common plumbing problem. A leaky tap wastes water, and the constant flow of water can leave stains. This problem is often caused by the handles being tightened too much or by the washers in the taps wearing out…. Recent Article published on 1/15/2011 by Carson Barrett

eHow – Home & Garden How To’s

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Plumbing Fixtures Buying Tips admin • Porcelainized cast iron is an extremely durable and attractive finish for sinks and  tubs and can keep water warm for long periods of time. It’s extremely heavy, however, and  a tub may require extra floor support. • Enameled steel doesn’t wear as well as cast iron but is especially good for remodeling  because, it’s […]

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Old-World Kitchen, Gracious New Fit

A gut redo yields a classic kitchen—no island here—with more than a few surprises

This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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A Small Remodel to Create All the Right Rooms

At TOH TV’s latest project house, minor floor plan tweaks and a modest addition gave a family of four new places to gather, play, and spend quiet time.
This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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Spiced-Up Kitchen Color Combos

These unexpected paint pairings are sure to get your kitchen cooking
This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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UPDATED Due to the latest storms in Atlanta.

With temperatures in Atlanta expected to be in the teens tonight and a wind chill factor  of zero I thought I would remind everyone to use a hose bib cover on their outside water faucets.  It is a simple foam device that attaches with a rubber band structured and then has a cinch cord to secrue it. It also keeps the faucet from being directly exposed to the elements.  They run a couple of bucks at your nearby hardware or home improvement store.

This is an update to the post.  With more cold and snowy weather moving into the Atlanta area I created a video that talks about the protection measures to take when securing your outside pipes.  The cost involved is so minimal it is something you just should do to avoid costly repairs later.

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters admin Q: “Is There Any Difference between a tankless hot water heater and a Continuous Flow water heater?” A: Essentially, no. Tankless water heaters are actually called by a number of different names — continuous flow water heaters, in-line water heaters, instant-on water heaters — they all basically work the same way: the technology behind them […]

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How to Repair Soldered Copper-pipe Joint Leak admin A leak at a soldered copper-pipe joint should be repaired by resoldering the joint, but epoxy putty will often halt the leak at least temporarily. Clean the joint thoroughly with sandpaper, make sure the joint is dry and apply the epoxy putty tightly around the entire joint. Give the epoxy plenty of time to cure […]

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