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We often receive a complaint from the Atlanta residents – the complaints come with a lot of frustration and disappointment. Our customer service rep’s takes time to pacify them that it may not be a significant issue that can be tackled easily. The conversation goes further deep when the caller desperately requests for a plumber Atlanta on high priority. It seems that the world is coming to an end for them. But just for the readers, although when your toilet does not flush, it is frustrating, it may be an easy fix, and with little application, you may succeed.

Tips No 1

If you feel that the lift chain has slackness, Remove the tank lid and shorten the length of the chain until there’s no longer slack between the flapper and the handle.

Tips No 2

If your toilet gets clogged, fish out the items, and for smaller particles, you can use your toilet brush.

Tips No 3

If you get to see that the water level in the tank is low, lift open the tank lid and physically pour water inside the tank and adjust the float ball,

Tips No 4

If you notice your toilet runs often, the flapper might be warped, making it unable to seal the flush tube hole and release water to flush the toilet. In that case, buy and replace the existing one.

If stills things are not working out, you can rely on Atlanta’s trusted and reputed plumbing company (plumbers near me) – Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta.Com @ (470) 305- 7006 for 24X7 (24-hour plumbing Atlanta) throughout the year.

Common Plumbing Challenges for plumber Atlanta

Tree roots getting inside the sewer line and causing damage to your sewer line.

It is quite a typical case in the city. In case you suspect anything similar, make a call to the plumbers near me so that they can help you to get rid of the problem. It is also wise to take preventive measures by not planting certain specific trees on your premise which penetrates under the ground so much.

Clogged Toilets

Another common complaint from Atlanta homeowners are the clogging of the toilets. Again the essential prevention can help with no worries about the clogging. There are many methods we recommend you to use to unclog your toilet. Whatever way that works for you will depend on the shape of your toilet’s plumbing and the nature of the clog.

Get a quality plunger

from the home improvement store. Put the plunger into the toilet bowl, over the hole, and push down to create a seal and get rid of air. Then, without breaking the seal, plunge repeatedly. Remove the plunger to break the seal. You may have to do this a few times before seeing success. You may also use a quality toilet snake if a regular plunger fails to deliver.

Foul Smell from the Drain

Another common complaint by the homeowners keeps the plumber Atlanta on the toes. The typical phenomenon occurs due to contaminated water storage, harmful practices of garbage disposal, absence of a drain tap or fatty substances stuck off in the drain. The best way to resolve the situation is to call Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta.Com (plumbers near me). They can identify the grey area, initiate corrective measures, and keep your home away from the rotten smell.

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