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Renters in Powder Springs, GA who need an professional plumbing contractor know that Ridgeway Plumbing is the one to call. They are not only you best options for Shower Repair Atlanta but also your safest choice if you are looking for an ffordable plumber in Powder Springs, GA.

Sure, when in search of a plumber in Powder Springs, GA you have many options. For this reason we thank you for visiting our website. For those of you who do not know us we are a leading plumbing contractor proud to serve the Atlanta metro area and surround suburbs like Lilburn, Ga. As a full-service company we respond to all the plumbing needs of our clients. For Ridgeway Mechanical Inc. no job is too small or too big. We do everything from water heater service to toilet replacement. If high-quality in important you, contacts us today! We promised you. You won’t be let down!

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Just like hurricanes, plumbing emergencies don’t the schedule appointments. That is why you have to have (470) 305-7006 on your speed dial. This is our telephone number and the only number you need when you need a affordable plumber in Powder Springs, GA. When you call Ridgeway Plumbing you’re dealing with an established family-run business that was established more than thirty five years ago.

When the RidgewayPlumbingAtlanta.Com plumbers show up at your home or business we are ready to face any plumbing trouble you have. Our vehicles are stocked with over 1000 parts known for failing. With that said, only a business with our experience would know that! Contacts  us today for all plumbing issue you face. With state-of-the-art equipment or Powder Springs plumbers will diagnose and fix any plumbing problems sucj as Sewer Problems, Water Heater Problems, Drain Problems, Natural Gas Pipe Problems, Plastic Waterline Problems, and Blue Polyline Leaks. In no time we can restore your house to the comfortable and secure place you wanted it to be. If you are just looking for information, take a look at some of our blog entries:

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Choosing a Shower Head

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Everyone loves to take a shower and if you don’t, you more than likely still have a shower head. While we enjoy cleaning, we don’t enjoy when our showerheads experience problems while we are in the tub, or before we are about to get in. The issues these showerheads have can be extremely inconvenient, one of them being temperature issues. Cold baths in the winter are not comfortable!

After several months of use, shower heads can begin to lose their ability to control the temperature. A common fix is the replacement of the diverter valve which is responsible for mixing cold and hot water. A temporary fix for this problem can also be to remove the current shower head, dump the water, and replace it with a new one. Keep in mind that this fix can sometimes be temporary.

Another common problem existing with the showers is controlling the water pressure. This can come from numerous sources. The most likely culprit is a clogged shower head. If hard water flows through your pipes minerals will build up in your shower head. Over time it will decrease, or block the water pressure. You can assess if this is the problem by removing the old shower head and turning the water on to see the pressure level coming from the pipes. High pressure means that the shower head is in fact clogged, and you must clean it by rinsing it and soaking it in vinegar. It’s a “green” fix, rather than using harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and may cause quicker erosion for your shower head.

Another common problem exists with the flow of restricting shower heads. Such restrictors are put into place to help conserve water within the home. You can sometimes regulate the pressure. If you wish to conserve water in the home you need to first locate these restrictors, and they are usually in the faucet.

Another common problem facing the shower is when the there is a reduction in pressure through the home. Be sure to check all the faucets in your home to test out the water pressure levels. If you are having pressure issues in the kitchen and outdoor faucets it could be a municipality issue.

Another reason for the reduction could be attributed to a broken water main. One should check with neighbors to see if they are having similar issues, before consulting with a professional plumber in the immediate area.

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