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Need Fast & Affordable Sewer Line Repair or Replacement in Smoke Rise GA? Ridgeway Plumbing provides fast plumbing repairs to the Smoke Rise area 24/7. Quality work, upfront pricing, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our code of honor.

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mia morris
mia morris
19:11 14 Nov 19
Garbage disposal wasn't working. Called Ridgeway at 12:45, and they came within the hour. AMAZING! Thanks so much!!! Very happy customer!
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins
20:58 18 Oct 19
Tried to call them several times in one day. I was hung up on three times; the last time, they put me into their fax number. Guess they're not interested in a huge plumbing contract from a Buckhead condo complex. Good... job!read more
Leonard Marshall
Leonard Marshall
13:57 30 May 19
Alan is the best plumber that I know. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional.
Adrian North
Adrian North
16:52 20 May 19
I’ve been using the services of this plumbing company for years. They were able to deliver quality work every time.
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston
16:00 19 May 19
When our water line broke I called Ridgeway Atlanta and they were able to fix the problem in no time. There aren’t many plumbers in our area that can handle water lines. We will be hiring this company again in the... more
Jake Scott
Jake Scott
13:40 18 May 19
Their services were really great. We called them for sewer line repair and they were very knowledgeable about the job. They communicate well and provided us with superior customer service. Highly recommended.
Sharon Alexander
Sharon Alexander
14:34 16 May 19
Very happy with the services. Plumber arrived on time and was courteous an friendly. Fixed the leak fast.
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If you are a Smoke Rise resident with sewer pipe troubles you are at the right place. We are better known for Toilet Repair Atlanta but did you know that we have replaced over 90,000 sewer lines in the Atlanta metro area! Ridgeway Plumbing offer professional Sewer Line Repair in Smoke Rise, GA.

Sewer problems are dismayed by homeowners everywhere. A broken sewer pipe is not only upsetting but it can be dangerous to the health of the tenants of the home and thos who live nearby. A busted sewerpipe can be caused by deteriorated pipes and other obstructions. Despite of the type of sewer line you have it can cost you to repair it, but, if you have the trenchless sewer pipe system, the patch up time will be quicker and easy. If you were lucky enough to notice a problem before the pipes leaks, you can save yourself a lot of money, inconvenience and embracement.

If you observe that your tubs or bathroom sink are draining slowly you may consider using chemical like ‘drano’ to to fix the problem, but this can worsen the problem. In general slow drains one of many indicators of bigger plumbing problem. If you notice the water level in the toilet bowl is changing, this is an indicator of a deteriorating sewer line. Odd smells and unusual sounds are another sign of pending sewer pipe problems. If you notice an increase in pests around your property you may need your sewer pipes looked at. Call The 24/7 Plumbers of Ridgeway at (770)-354-4594 in Smoke Rise. At RidgewayPlumbingAtlanta.Com we provide Sewer Line Repair in Lithia Springs, GA. and neighboring suburbs. Here are other blog post that may be of interest to those looking for Sewer Line Repair in Milton, GA.

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How to Easily Install a Bathroom Vanity

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Almost every bathroom renovation requires removing your old vanity and installing a new one. Whether you choose to replace your old fixture with a vessel style, pedestal or cabinet style vanity, this tutorial will give you some great insights into the project.
Before You Start…

Make sure you have time – This project takes about half a day. Before you start, set aside sufficient time to handle the project, adding additional time in case there are any delays.

Bringing the vanity home – Handle your new vanity with care. Be careful when you open the box. The countertop with the sink will most often be separate from the cabinet body. There may also be a separate backsplash, depending on the style you chose. Place the countertop and sink upside down on the carpet or other soft surfaces to protect the finish. Difficulty level – Installing a new vanity is rated of average difficulty. What you’ll need – To install a new vanity, you will need a power drill to drill holes, and a power screwdriver, an electronic stud finder, a screwdriver, a level, a saw, small profile gauge, wood shims, a pencil, tape measure and silicone or caulk. Turn off the water! – Before you start on any plumbing-related projects, always switch off the water at the main supply.

Removing the Old Vanity

1. Once you have switched off the water supply, you will need to disconnect the supply lines. Have a bucket handy to catch any drips from the p-trap or the supply lines.

2. Remove the caulk between the wall and the old vanity using a utility knife before carefully removing the countertop to avoid damaging the walls.

3. Loosen the screws that bolt the unit to the wall, and remove them, and then pull the old vanity away from the wall and out of your way. Tip: Apply firm, steady pressure when removing screws, as this will help prevent stripping the screws. Be sure to hold the driver straight.

Installing Your New Bathroom Vanity

Now that you have removed the old vanity, you’re almost ready to install the new unit, but first, remove any leftover caulk before following the remaining steps in this tutorial.

1. Find the wall studs, and mark it slightly higher than the top of your new vanity. Also, mark the placements of the screw holes for the new vanity before setting it in place. Tip: It is crucial for the new vanity to be flush with the wall. You can use a level and shims to achieve this.

2. If you’re installing a new faucet, install it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Not only will it update the appearance of the room, but the fact that the top of the vanity is separated, will make the job faster, and you won’t have to crouch under the sink.

3. Secure the vanity to the wall using screws. Again, exert firm, even pressure on the screws.

4. Reconnect the plumbing to your vanity and take advantage of the opportunity to replace old elements, such as the p-trap.
Tip: Teflon tape will ensure that the connections are tighter and more secure.

5. Finally, apply a thin layer of silicone or caulk around the edges of the countertop. Be careful not to smudge, and use a damp rag or clean fingertip to smooth your application. There you have it – a bathroom makeover in half a day! We do not recommend you tackle this project unless you are a DIY expert as it does require a certain amount of skill and know-how. If you want a new bathroom but don’t have the experience, get in touch with Ridgeway Plumbing today.

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