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Water Service Line Repair & Replacement Dunwoody, GA

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Families knows that RidgewayPlumbingAtlanta.Com is the one to call for Garbage Disposal Repair Atlanta but do also know that Ridgeway Plumbing is the number one service provider for water service line repair and replacement Dunwoody, GA! If you need to find a plumbing company with experience in main water line services in Dunwoody , Georgiacall the master plumbers at RidgewayPlumbingAtlanta.Com. We can help you repair & replace a water main line. The licensed plumbers at RidgewayPlumbingAtlanta.Com have replaced more than 90,000 water service lines in and around the Atlanta Metro area and suburbs like Smyrna. Since 1985 we have become known for delivered fast repair & replacement services seven days a week. Getting expert repair or replacement of a service water pipe does not have to be expensive and you can count on Ridgeway Plumbing to offer you a competitive quote prior to the work getting done.

How Much Does it Cost to Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe in Dunwoody?

Homeowners we encountered in Dunwoody, GA who needs Main Water Line Installation, Replacement or Repair that first thing they ask is Him- How much does it cost? To be frank just like every home is different, so is every main water line installation, replacement or repair job. Ridgeway Plumbing has been in business since in 1985. A company does not last by doing low quality work and or being too expensive. When it comes to repair & replacement of water service pipe in and or near Alpharetta we know you have options. For this reason is why the dedicated licensed plumbers at Ridgeway Plumbing go out of their way to deliver a quality job at a competitive price. So, If your water service line is not functioning for any reason, call the experts plumbers at Ridgeway Mechanical today for fast help or to schedule a main water line inspection. We offer same day service and emergency repair, seven days a week. Our crew will get your water line back on track as soon as possible. Call (770) 354-4594 Today! If you’re just looking around looking for additional information we invite you to call us as well! We offer no obligation consultations,otherwise visit on our blog.

Dunwoody Main Water Line Installation, Replacement or Repair Article:

What is Acoustic Leak Detection?

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Underground water leaks are nasty intruders that sneak into your property, causing mayhem. Since it is under the ground, you may not realize you have an underground leak. Today, our Atlanta plumber team will help you identify potential underground leaks, and explain how you can solve the problem with as little hassle as possible.

Signs & Sounds of Underground Leaks

The pipes in your yard and under the driveway, are under constant pressure, waiting to deliver water to your home when you open the faucet. Different pipes have different levels of pressure and it is possible to hear the leaks before they become visible. Master plumbers use surveying as a method for detecting pipe leaks when they are not readily visible. These sounds can be heard at every valve, service line, and hydrant. It is easier to hear leaks from the sound that travels on the pipe walls, as it travels better that way, than through soil.

Electronic Plumbing Leak Detection

When you call Ridgeway Mechanical, our plumber will use a special device with a ground microphone to measure sounds at the meter, the hydrant and other important parts of your plumbing system. This device can pinpoint the exact location of the leak, based on the spot on the water line where the sound is the loudest. Finding the second loudest location, we will determine the section of the line that we need to mark.

  • Certain factors affect the loudness of the sound, including:
  • The material of the ground cover (concrete, asphalt, soil)
  • The soil type, compaction, and depth of the soil over the pipe
  • The pipe diameter and material
  • The water pressure inside the pipe
  • and the size of the leak.

Dry, hard materials such as rock, concrete, asphalt or compacted soil will sound louder than loose soil, sand or wet clay. Also, poly or PVC pipes don’t transmit sounds as well as steel or iron pipes. A pipe (of any material) with a large diameter will transmit less sound than pipes of a smaller diameter, and the sounds will also transmit at a lower frequency than it would in smaller diameter pipes.

The Sounds That Underground Water Leaks Make

  • Water causes a range of sounds inside the underground pipes, and City of Atlanta licensed plumbers use acoustic leak detection as a means to identify where leaks in pressurized, underground pipes. The sounds are usually static and constant and could sound as follows:
  • Gentle clicking sounds made by small pebbles and stones bouncing off the pipes.
  • Rapid thumping or beating sounds made by the spray striking the walls of the soil cavity around the pipe.
  • Babbling brook or splashing sounds made by the water that flows around the pipe.
  • Whooshing or hissing sounds caused by the reduction of pressure in the orifice and vibration of the pipe.

Before You Call Your Atlanta Plumber

If you suspect that you have an underground leak, first ensure that all the fixtures, faucets and water-using fixtures are turned off. Look at the water meter to see if it is still running, as that would be a sign that you have an underground leak. Locate your shut-off valve and call us right away on 770-354-4594, explaining that you have an underground leak. We will come to your home as soon as possible and diagnose the problem. We also will use acoustic leak detection equipment to find the problem and repair it.

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