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It’s one of the worst discoveries you can make.  You take a trip down to the basement or the attic in some cases and find water everywhere.  It’s a mess and your suspicions are correct. Your water has burst and gone out.  Don’t panic.  A typical water heater install by a licensed professional will probably be achieved in one day putting you back on the road to warm water and no worries.  It is important however to get a licensed and experienced plumber to install the water heater.  If someone does not know what they are doing as far as code and of course the ever present danger with natural gas you could be in for more problems than just no hot water or some minor water damage.  At Ridgeway Mechanical our plumbers have years of experience, are licensed and insured.  They have vast experience in installing water heaters not only in residential properties but commercial ones as well.  From simple to complex installs we can handle any job.  Our work is always guaranteed.  We install only top of the line, energy efficient water heaters to make sure you enjoy years of uninterrupted service.  If our Atlanta plumbers find that the current installation is not up to modern standards they will take the time to fix that problem as well.  The picture is from one of our more complex installations that required a double water heater installation.  This gives you an idea of our capabilities.  For all your Atlanta plumbing needs give us a call.  770-354-4594

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One of the worst things a business or homeowner can experience is a waterline break between the house or structure to the main at the street.  The damage that can be done as water seeps into the ground can be significant.  It is best to get the situation taken care of as soon as possible.  Because there is a chance for additional damage by someone who does not have the experience to make such a repair is great as well.  At RidgewayMechanical we have installed over 25,000 waterlines in the Atlanta area and have the resources to get the job done.  As far as Atlanta Plumbers are concerned we have the vast experience and the solid reputation you need.

There are basically three options to condsider in what type of waterline to run.  Copper, Polyethylene, and PVCWe always recommend Polyethylene pipe.  It is so strong and reliable most all new construction uses it.  Indeed, the gas companies use it to connect their lines from meter to house and commercial properties.  It comes with a 25 year warranty but can last as long as 50 years.  In addition RidewayMechanical offers an additional warranty of 10 years parts and labor.  If you have problems with your waterline give us a call.  770-354-4594.

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There a couple of places you can check to assure you are getting the very best Atlanta plumber, plumbers.  One is to look on Kudzu and check the reviews the Atlanta Plumber has received.  This is a very reliable source of information and can give you peace of mind.  Most of the horror stories about plumbers and especially Atlanta plumbers is not really about licensed plumbers but handy men who have no license.  This can be avoided by checking Kudzu, Merchant’s Circle etc.  Ridgeway employs only licensed plumbers who have an average of 10 years or more experience.  There is no job to big or small for us to do.  We invite you to check out our reputation.  Thanks for stopping by our blog.

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