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How to Avoid Mistakes that May Ruin Your Plumbing System

Frequent plumbing issues can disrupt your normal lifestyle to a great extent. Professional plumbing support is useful in fixing these problems. However, it is important to note that a large number of plumbing related problems take place because of our own mistakes. It is possible to get rid of repeated plumbing issues just by avoiding these mistakes. In order to maintain a healthy plumbing system at home, all you need to do is change some of your old habits. In this post, we will share tips to help you avoid some of the most common issues with your home plumbing.

Our laziness often results in serious plumbing problems. As a busy plumbing service provider, we regularly come across homes that keep their hoses connected throughout the years. This can be extremely dangerous particularly during the winter as this mistake can completely destroy your hose and the outdoor faucet due to freezing.

Another common error is that of using vent pipes for purposes other than venting. There are many homeowners that use vent pipes meant for plumbing to run their television cables through the roof. The purpose of these vent pipes in to maintain proper drainage through the drains inside the house by providing air to these drains. Also, they are responsible for removing sewer gases generated by the main sewer of the city. Therefore, if  a hole is cut into vent pipe that is being used to run the cable, an enormous supply of sewer air from the neighborhood is tapped.

Drain cleaners are highly effective for clearing clogged drains. However, all drain cleaners are not recommendable. When used in abundance, these drain cleaners can cause serious harm to different components of your plumbing system. Some homeowners also make the mistake of using drain cleaners, chlorine, or anti bacterial soaps in a septic system. This may result in the destruction of waste consuming bacteria, leading to complete system collapse.

DIY plumbing can also result in lots of issues if not done the right way. In many cases, we find out that cutting, nailing, and screwing has been done into walls with hidden plumbing pipes. Improper joining of two different metals is another common DIY plumbing error. Please remember that there are specialized techniques for connecting two different metals in a plumbing system. Galvanic action may lead to corrosion and leaks if the correct technique is not followed.

Grease poured down the kitchen drains is a common culprit for causing clogged drains. Moreover, many homeowners consider their garbage disposal units to be capable of handling any kitchen waste. However, this is far from the truth. A careful approach about disposal will help you minimize drain clogging problem at home. Finally, please remember that your toilet is not a trash can where you can dispose anything. Improper items flushed down the toilet can easily put the entire house in a serious problem.

We hope all of you enjoyed reading this post. Our company blog is dedicated to helping you make informed  decisions about your plumbing system. Please visit again for similar discussions.