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How to Choose the Right Exhaust Fan for Bathrooms?

Proper ventilation plays an extremely important role in maintaining a hygienic bathroom without excess humidity and unpleasant odors. Excess humidity often results in formation of mildew and molds in a bathroom. Moreover, higher humidity can also damage bathroom walls in the long run. A bathroom with an unpleasant odor can be extremely frustrating, too. All these problems can be fixed for once and all by installing exhaust fans. However, for optimum results, it is important to pick the right exhaust fan.

While purchasing an exhaust fan for your bathroom, you must take certain factors into consideration. These factors are airflow capacity, features, noise output, and aesthetics. In this post, we will discuss why these factors are important and how to make the right choice.

Airflow capacity or size: This is the foremost factor to take into account while buying an exhaust fan. If you have a large bathroom, a low capacity fan will not be useful at all. Whereas, selecting a high capacity fan for a smaller bathroom will result in energy wastage. The capacity of exhaust fans is measured in terms of CFM or cubic feet per minute. This refers to the amount of air volume circulated by the fan for each cubic feet per minute. As a thumb rule, a 50 CFM fan is considered to be sufficient for a less than 50 square feet bathroom. If you have a bathroom size between 50 and 100 square feet, be sure to pick a fan that can deliver 1 CFM per square feet or more. The required CFM for your exhaust fan will also depend on the number and type of fixtures present in the bathroom.

Features: Advanced exhaust fans come with excellent features such as timers, built-in heating, motion sensors etc. Built-in heating feature takes out warm air from the bathroom and keeps it cool. Timers and motion sensors are useful because they help users conserve energy.

Noise Output: Level of noise created by a fan is measured by the unit Sone. To make things simple, 1 sone is comparable to the noise caused by a quiet refrigerator. The noise output for exhaust fans can be as high as 4 sones or even more. While selecting an exhaust fan for your bathroom, you should opt for the ones between 0.2 and 2 sones.

Aesthetics: Nowadays, you can find exhaust fans in lots of attractive designs and colors. While choosing one for your bathroom, keep the theme and color scheme of your bathroom in mind. Depending on the bathroom décor, you can also opt for different shapes such as circular, square, etc.

Keep these points in mind while choosing an exhaust fan for your bathroom. In this blog, we regularly publish useful posts to help our readers make informed decision with regards to all their plumbing necessities. Thanks a lot for reading this one and please visit again.