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Plumbing Video Inspection

Sewer line problems are frustrating. They are even more frustrating when the cause of the problem is unclear. Clogs, roots, breaks, separations, and bellies are all common problems in older (and sometimes newer) sewer lines. The trouble is, locating the sources of these problems can be difficult. In order to solve this dilemma, we offer sewer line inspection services via our digital sewer cameras. Lightweight and portable, these machines are sent down the home’s main sewer line through either a toilet drain or an existing cleanout. By doing this, we are able to accurately locate and view the cause of any sewer issues you may be having. Roots intrusion and breaks become visible immediately. Bellies are found and measured. This camera inspection equipment also works in conjunction with our leak detection equipment, offering exact pinpointing of the depth and length of the sewer line outside the home. By performing this service we are able to be less intrusive to your yard when digging up sections of the sewer line for repair, as “looking” for the line is no longer necessary.

Best of all, the price for camera inspection is applied to the cost of any sewer repair you might need, so the camera service is essentially free. While many companies may charge separately for this service, we believe it to be an integral part of the larger repair, and therefore included in the price. Any sewer line repair that may be a result of this service is, of course, covered with a full warranty, ranging from one to ten years depending on the repair.