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Polybutylene (PB) Pipes for DIY Plumbing admin When outdoor temperatures drop, many homeowners’ blood pressures rise. Burst plumbing  pipes remain close to the top of cold weather worries list. You can protect your home  from burst pipes by keeping a small amount of water running through all faucets when  there is danger of a freeze. […]

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A Bright Attic Suite for $2,620 A dingy, makeshift bedroom and bath becomes a cheery retreat with custom built-ins—for less than the cost of a new set of furniture This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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Leaking Bath Taps A leaking bath tap is a fairly common plumbing problem. A leaky tap wastes water, and the constant flow of water can leave stains. This problem is often caused by the handles being tightened too much or by the washers in the taps wearing out…. Recent Article published on 1/15/2011 by Carson […]

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Plumbing Fixtures Buying Tips admin • Porcelainized cast iron is an extremely durable and attractive finish for sinks and  tubs and can keep water warm for long periods of time. It’s extremely heavy, however, and  a tub may require extra floor support. • Enameled steel doesn’t wear as well as cast iron but is especially […]

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Old-World Kitchen, Gracious New Fit A gut redo yields a classic kitchen—no island here—with more than a few surprises This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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A Small Remodel to Create All the Right Rooms At TOH TV’s latest project house, minor floor plan tweaks and a modest addition gave a family of four new places to gather, play, and spend quiet time. This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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Spiced-Up Kitchen Color Combos These unexpected paint pairings are sure to get your kitchen cooking This Old House: Kitchen And Bath

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UPDATED Due to the latest storms in Atlanta. With temperatures in Atlanta expected to be in the teens tonight and a wind chill factor  of zero I thought I would remind everyone to use a hose bib cover on their outside water faucets.  It is a simple foam device that attaches with a rubber band […]

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters admin Q: “Is There Any Difference between a tankless hot water heater and a Continuous Flow water heater?” A: Essentially, no. Tankless water heaters are actually called by a number of different names — continuous flow water heaters, in-line water heaters, instant-on water heaters — they all basically work the same […]

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How to Repair Soldered Copper-pipe Joint Leak admin A leak at a soldered copper-pipe joint should be repaired by resoldering the joint, but epoxy putty will often halt the leak at least temporarily. Clean the joint thoroughly with sandpaper, make sure the joint is dry and apply the epoxy putty tightly around the entire joint. […]

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Cast Iron Plumbing Tools Cast-iron pipe complicates two common plumbing tasks: cutting pipe and connecting pipe. Cutting the hard, metal pipe requires specialized plumbing tools, and, unlike plastic drain pipes, cast-iron typically connects with manually tightened clamp… Recent Article published on 1/5/2011 by Shane Grey eHow – Home & Garden How To’s

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Instructions for Toilet Seat Covers Toilet seat covers come in a variety of styles and applications. Commercial toilet seats do not have a cover. Decorative toilet seat covers do not have the plastic cap on top of the retaining bolts. The standard toilet seat cover is hinged with… Recent Article published on 1/3/2011 by John […]

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Expansion Bladder by Atlanta Plumber Imagine if you are watering the lawn and you have one of those connected bottles of your favorite fertilizer. Now imagine that you have just finished working. There is still water and chemical in the hose. In the old days there would have been the propensity for this concoction to […]

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When choosing your plumbing company it is important to keep several things in mind.   1.  We are still in a down economy and there are many so called handymen that are passing themselves off as experienced Atlanta plumbers.  This could end up costing you extra since there is no guarantee that the job will […]

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Frozen pipe prevention tips…by your Atlanta Plumbing Company. Here is the last couple of days the tempartures here in Atlanta have dipped into the 30s.   We have already revieved calls about busted water pipes and have made several repairs in the area.  1. If you have outside water hose connections, now is the time to […]

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