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Toilet Repair

Atlanta Toilet Repair & Plumbing Service

Professional toilet repair is saving you time and frustration. There’s no excuse not to take action on any toilet problem because it can lead to more costly problems down the road. When you contact Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta for your toilet repair needs, we will immediately send a highly skilled toilet plumber to take care of your bathroom issues and get you back to normal.

Fixing a leaky toilet or any other form of toilet problem incorrectly can only aggravate the situation and cause you more headaches. As mentioned earlier, Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta acts fast with toilet repair. We know the inconvenience associated with toilet tank leak, which is why we know you’ll be impressed with the promptness and professionalism of our toilet plumbing services.

When Should you call Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta for Toilet Repair?

It’s like a nightmare waking up in in the middle of the night to the sound of a running toilet. Stumbling your way through the dark to jiggle the handle has never been a fun proposition. You can just imagine the magnitude of the situation when you find a leak. Why let these discomforts ruin your day when you can quickly seek help from professionals? Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta can put an end to your toilet dilemma in no time. However, every homeowner should be aware when to call a toilet repair company. There are many situations however the following is the most common.

Toilet Leaking

Leaks around the toilet aren’t a beautiful sight; if you are a bit meticulous when it comes to sanitation, having a leaky toilet can be a painful sight. It does not take a genius to know that leaks surrounding the toilet are filthy. It’s also not something you want a guest to use in this condition. Of course, a toilet leaking from the tank can also cause slips which can be risky for you and your family members.

Our expert toilet plumbing repair personnel will have all your toilet connections checked. Your tank bolts, fill valve, and all the bolts and nuts involved will be scrutinized to identify the problem and give it the best solution.

Toilet Won’t Flush

It’s unhygienic not to flush the toilet after use. But it’s a headache if the toilet won’t flush despite your efforts. This circumstance can be caused by improper connections between the parts of the toilet flush. It’s important to ensure that the flush handle, chain, flapper valve, and flush lever are all in place.

Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta is a respected toilet repair company. If your toilet doesn’t flush, a possible solution can be to have the handle properly affixed. It is also typical for a toilet flush to malfunction when the lift arm is broken or when the flapper valve has a defect. Our toilet specialist will carry out a thorough inspection of these vital parts correct the issue.

Toilet Causing Noise

A noisy toilet is incredibly annoying. It is a distracting sound that makes you want just to turn your back and walk away from it if only you had the choice. A professional toilet plumber can resolve this quickly. At Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta, fixing a noisy toilet is our expertise. We can find the cause of the noise quick as it is typically one of a few possibilities. You can count on our sound judgment to get the job done right and on time.

With a combination of brass, rubber, plastic, and other materials, there are multiple points of possible failure in your toilet. We’ll resolve these issues, as well as those not mentioned above such as when toilet won’t stop running. We arrive at your door, armed with competence and the right tools, to quickly and professionally offer you the best in plumbing services. Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta repairs and installs toilets that will guarantee several more years of reliable, trouble-free usage.

Buy a New Toilet, and We Will Install It!

When toilets reach a certain age, it is often best to simply replace the entire toilet itself rather than bother with smaller details of toilet repair. If your toilet is reaching 25-30 years of age, the flush pathways inside them are growing narrower and narrower with a buildup of calcium and lime, increasing the probabilities of clogs. There is no repair for this. In such cases, or if you simply want to update the look of your bathroom with newer and higher quality equipment, it’s time to replace your toilet. With literally hundreds of different models and styles out there, there is guaranteed to be something out there for everyone.

Prices for new toilets can range anywhere from $100 all the way up to and exceed $3500, showcasing every possible feature you could think of design wise. Though rare on lower priced models, features such as automatic flushing, heated seats, and LED lighting are available. We typically suggest homeowners purchase their new toilet and give us a call when ready for the toilet installation. Having your desired toilet chosen already saves time in the process as there is such a wide variety of toilet styles, colors, and features.

Call the Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta today and let’s schedule your toilet installation or toilet repair or any other toilet-related concerns you may have that you want to take care of immediately. We will answer any question that you may have along the way. In case you want to seek our toilet installation service, we are willing to give advice on brand selection, feature necessities, and pricing options. Regardless of the toilet you choose, we install them all, and we’ll even dispose of your old one at no additional charge.