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Using a push camera in a broken drain or waterline repair | Atlanta Plumber

Push cameras are used for pipeline, duct and pipes inspection in plumber, repair of inspection work. These inspection cameras consist of long insertion probe with a flexible “goose-neck” for getting around corners. LED lights give adequate illumination and camera on the tip capture clear images and allow image and video saving. Often push or pipe inspection cameras are called SEWER cameras and used in sewer inspection. Push cameras could be portable or more advance with motorized wheel to push long probe for 60 and more meters down the tubes, pipes.

Drain Cameras are a valuable tool allowing for the visual inspection of the inside of sewer drains or other piping. Due to the radio transmitter built into the head of the camera, the exact spot and depth of the problem can be found easily so the repair can be conducted faster without any guess work. This saves the customer both time and money. Since the advent of this type of equipment Ridgeway Mechanical has offered this service for free to our customers. This allows us to show the customer the damaged area of their pipes and drains and takes all the guess work about what the repair will consist of. For the customer it is a time and money saver.

Most of this type of equipment is very expensive to purchase and maintain, and for this reason most plumbers charge anywhere from $250 to $375 dollars for the inspection and a copy of the DVD that can be made. Ridgeway Mechanical has always performed this service for free, including a copy of the DVD. We want our customers to get the best service with information they can trust in order to get the right service at the right time for the right price. Call the # rated plumber in Atlanta, Ridgeway Mechanical. Your Atlanta Plumber.