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Atlanta Water Line Repair

Facing Significant or Reoccurring Water Problems?

What most people don’t know is the water pipes leading from their houses to the streets are their responsibility. The only time home and business owners become aware of this fact is when the plumbing starts to leak and the water bill increases suddenly.

Leaking pipes in a home can result in huge losses, not only as an increase in your water bill, but also through a flooding of the lawn that may require repair or landscaping.

The good news? New water line technologies can be put into place so it’s easy and convenient for anyone to make the upgrade. These technologies have little-to-no effect on your property, which means your beautiful home and lawn with expensive landscaping is not ruined every time the water pipe misbehaves, or when you want to have a new connection put into place.

Copper Pipe Repair Atlanta - Water Line Repair

Trenchless Water Pipe Repair

trenchless - Water Line Repair

One of the technologies changing the Atlanta water line industry is called “trenchless construction.” As the name suggests, this technology is meant to ensure your pipes don’t require us to dig big trenches. This preserves the landscape in addition to saving the contractor money—savings we can then pass on to you. This is what we call the ultimate “win-win” situation.

“I called Alan at Ridgeway about a high water bill. He sent Sal and Kenny out within an hour. Within 3 hours I could use my water again. The kicker was that u couldn’t even tell there and they replaced my water line from the meter to the house by using a trench less method. Thanks Guys”

– Candi Dean

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Leak Detection

A higher water bill. Soft patches in the yard. These are signs something is going wrong with your water lines. Our leak detection and location services will find the problem in a snap.


Only 5% of Atlanta plumbing contractors offer trenchless water repair services. It’s quickly becoming popular, and this figure is expected to increase to 40% in a few years. Still, you want to ensure you’re working with experienced plumbers who have been getting the job done right for years.

Leaking Water Line Atlanta - Water Line Repair
Water Leak Repairs Atlanta - Water Line Repair


A higher water bill. Soft patches in the yard. These are signs something is going wrong with your water lines. Our leak detection and location services will find the problem in a snap.

“Jaime from Ridgeway Mechanical came out to replace our water line from the street to the house. Was very professional, arrived on time and cleaned up before he left. Would not hesitate to use again or recommend to family or friends.”

– James Edwards

Water Line Repair in Atlanta

Remember, all of our water line replacements carry 25-year warranties.
Our plumbers treat your property with the utmost care and consideration.

Atlanta Water Line Leak Repair - Water Line Repair

“Ridgeway Mechanical Saved the Day!!! I have nothing but praise and high recommendations for Ridgeway Mechanical, after they repaired a main line stoppage that threatened to cancel my son’s graduation party with over 50 guests. I had only been in my new home for 5 days when I heard a strange sound coming from the toilet in the hall bathroom. Water in the toilet was rising, despite my plunging! I quickly called a local plumber, who told me that this sounded like a major clog and to stop using any water in the house immediately.

He also told me to call Alan at Ridgeway Mechanical, as this company handles problems of this nature. I called Ridgeway and spoke with Alan who was very courteous and professional. He got a man out to my home to diagnose the problem within just a few hours. Unfortunately, the clog was really bad and he could not get rid of it with the equipment he had. This was going to be a big job! I was told I would have to wait until the next day, as the job would likely require tractor-type diggers to get to the main line. I was in disbelief. Soon after hearing this terrible news, Alan from Ridgeway called me and said he wanted to send out his best guy, Jamie, to look at the problem. Jamie and his partner arrived within 15 mins and started digging – with 2 shovels!. They worked so hard in the heat of the day, to get to the main line to see if they could fix it right then and there. Alas, they had to come back the next day with a tool so they could correct the problem. As promised, they arrived back on the job at 11am and worked steadily for several hours until all was back to normal!

My house guests arrived that evening and the graduation party was a success – all with perfect plumbing and no one ever knew! I so appreciate the way that Alan and his men treated me and the mainline problem with the utmost attention and professional respect. They made me feel like I was their only concern! I cannot say enough about this amazing company. Thank You Ridgeway Mechanical for Saving the Day!”

– Kathy Gill