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Need Fast & Affordable Drain Cleaning Service in Old Gordon Atlanta GA? Whether you are looking for Shower Installation Atlanta or Plumbing Sandy Springs GA call (470) 305-7006 the Old Gordon Atlanta plumber with the best reviews and lowest cost!

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Is a clogged drain line giving you trouble? If this sounds like you it is time to call the drain line specialist at Ridgeway Mechanica Inc. We offers 24 hours emergency plumbing service for not only clogged drain line but also pipe lining in the Old Gordon Atlanta, GA. area. Houses without basements, are known for clogged drain line issues as well as sewer and water leaks. Many drain issues are pretty simple to diagnosing. You must first understanding the drain, waste and vent (DWV) system. When it comes to selecting a drain cleaning professional in Old Gordon Atlanta you have options. However, if you make a fair comparison you’ll realized that Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta is one of the top plumbing companies around.

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mia morris
mia morris
19:11 14 Nov 19
Garbage disposal wasn't working. Called Ridgeway at 12:45, and they came within the hour. AMAZING! Thanks so much!!! Very happy customer!
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins
20:58 18 Oct 19
Tried to call them several times in one day. I was hung up on three times; the last time, they put me into their fax number. Guess they're not interested in a huge plumbing contract from a Buckhead condo complex. Good... job!read more
Leonard Marshall
Leonard Marshall
13:57 30 May 19
Alan is the best plumber that I know. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional.
Adrian North
Adrian North
16:52 20 May 19
I’ve been using the services of this plumbing company for years. They were able to deliver quality work every time.
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston
16:00 19 May 19
When our water line broke I called Ridgeway Atlanta and they were able to fix the problem in no time. There aren’t many plumbers in our area that can handle water lines. We will be hiring this company again in the... more
Jake Scott
Jake Scott
13:40 18 May 19
Their services were really great. We called them for sewer line repair and they were very knowledgeable about the job. They communicate well and provided us with superior customer service. Highly recommended.
Sharon Alexander
Sharon Alexander
14:34 16 May 19
Very happy with the services. Plumber arrived on time and was courteous an friendly. Fixed the leak fast.
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If you give us a call for any type of drain cleaning in Old Gordon Atlanta, from normal stoppages to serious blockages. It is important to know we are one of a few drain cleaning companies in Old Gordon Atlanta that has hydro-jetters for those cases when a cable won’t do. A Hydro Jetters uses super high pressured water to remove build-up throughout the drainpipe walls. They can radically improve the condition of your drainage system. Here is why our professional technicians provide quality clogged drain service for your home or business. At Ridgeway Mechanica Inc. we professionally clean clogged drain lines and main sewer lines. While we are know as a leading provider for Trenchless Pipe Repair Atlanta our expertice with drain cleaning in Old Gordon Atlanta area has garnish us and entire new line of consumers. If you are just in search of more details, take a look at some of our blog entries:

Old Gordon Atlanta Drain Cleaning Blog Post:

How Can You Prevent a Flooded Basement?

Tankless Water Heater Installation Atlanta

Basement flooding is a serious problem, one that can lead to extensive property damage, electrical damage, and great expense to repair. Because you undoubtedly don’t want to worry about this in the future, you should know how you can prevent a flooded basement.

There is nothing that you can do to control outside elements that may lead to flooding, like natural disasters. But rest assured that the majority of basement flooding is completely avoidable through the use of proper home care practices. Let’s discuss 5 things that you can do to keep your basement clean and dry.

Prevent a Flooded Basement with These 5 Tips

Like with most other things that ensure a dry and healthy home, prevention is the key. By preventing flooding in the first place, you can save yourself countless hours of frustration and high water remediation bills. Follow these tips to keep your basement dry.

1. Keep Your Gutters and Downspouts Clear and Intact

If you ensure that your gutters are free of debris and your downspouts are positioned away from the foundation, you’re helping to ensure that rainwaters will not pool against the sides of your home.

You might need to get a downspout extension, because the perfect length for a downspout is 3 feet. Most ordinary downspouts don’t meet this length requirement.

Periodically, you should check out your gutters and clean them of debris if necessary.

2. Have Your Foundation Inspected

A cracked foundation will allow water into your basement like nothing else, so it’s important to make sure that your foundation is in solid condition. Routinely look at your foundation from the exterior, your basement walls and the floors of your basement to identify cracks early on – before damage can get extensive.

If you see any cracks upon inspection, or you want to get a professional’s keen eye on your side, make sure to contact a contractor who can help identify and remedy problems in your foundation.

3. Maintain Your Sump Pump

Routine sump pump maintenance is essential to prevent a flooded basement, as sump pumps are the most common culprit behind basement flooding. One big problem with this is that, since sump pumps are so commonly the cause behind this issue, homeowner’s insurance policies may not always cover such flooding.

If you know that bad weather is on the horizon, you should be proactive by making sure that your sump pump is working and plugged in. It might be worth your time to get a backup generator for the sump pump, just in case.

4. Get Window Well Covers

Window well covers are an incredibly effective tool for waterproofing a basement. They are secured over basement windows and latched onto the foundation of a home to prevent windows from becoming a floodgate for rainwaters to get into your home.

5. Landscape Your Yard Appropriately

If the slant of your yard slants downward toward your home, you greatly increase the likelihood of unwanted water getting into your basement. Landscaping your yard is one of the more time-consuming methods of safeguarding your basement against water, but it’s worth it. You may need to re-grade your yard or install a drainage system to ensure adequate drainage of water away from your home.

When you are a proactive homeowner, you are much more likely to prevent a flooded basement from becoming a problem.

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