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Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection & Repair Service Atlanta, GA.


Water leaks can cause a lot of inconveniences. Thankfully, homeowners can hire a leak detection company, such as Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta, to ensure that their plumbing system is in its best condition. Plumbing leaks often occur inside walls, ceilings, attics, and often under the floor. Typically, homeowners will only bother to have their plumbing system checked when they noticed an inexplicable increase on their bill. This practice should be avoided since plumbing systems require regular maintenance even in the absence of any signs of defect.

Neglecting water leaks will undoubtedly lead to a bigger problem sooner or later. Homeowners concerned about a possible leak should seek out a professional leak detection service from a credible company like Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta. There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to the frequency of having a water leak detector analyze your plumbing system. As would be the case, the more you invest in hiring a credible company for water leak detection, the more peace of mind you’ll have. Remember that water leak can ruin your property and put your family’s safety at risk.

5 Easy Clues That Say You Need Leak Detection Service

As previously mentioned, homeowners can dismiss the need of leak detection services even when they have not seen any indication of a faulty plumbing system. This is a preventive measure which Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta can help you with. However, if signs of a water leak manifest just before you acquire leak detection service, the best way to deal with it is by calling us at (770) 354-4594 so we can immediately assist you. Here are five clues that signify the need for a professional water leak detector.

  • There are stains on your wallpaper or wall paint. It’s easy to notice this sign because you can immediately identify a spot on your wall. Moisture causes the paint or wallpaper to peel off.
  • Your wall gets damaged. If you notice any form of damage on your walls and you can’t seem to identify what the cause is, consider having a plumbing leak detection service check it out. There’s no other way water can consistently come into contact with your wall unless there’s a defect with your plumbing system.
  • Cracked or stained floor. Floor tiles tend to loosen because of moisture. If there’s a leak issue on your plumbing system, moisture will occur underneath your floor. This weakens the material used for the flooring.
  • Mold/Mildew is apparent. These organisms develop in moist settings. A water leak caused by pipe defects can make mold/mildew spread all over your house. This can be unsafe for your family’s health and can also damage your property.
  • Foul Odor. Leaks make the water accumulate and stagnate. This can result in a foul odor that no matter how hard you clean your home, the smell lingers.

Your Professional Accomplice in Water Leak Detection

Once you’ve learned how to identify water leak indicators and conclude you have a possible leak, the next thing you do is reach out to a leak detection professional like Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta. Locating water leaks and its source can be a tedious and frustrating work without the right training and equipment. So rather than trying it on your own, leave it to us and we will guarantee you an excellent plumbing leak detection service.

We, at Ridgeway Plumbing Atlanta, offer complete Atlanta leak detection services as part of our wide range of specialties. Using the most sophisticated equipment, we can pinpoint with incredible accuracy the source of the leak. Whether it is behind a wall or under a concrete slab, our leak detection equipment will instantly find the problem by using a high-frequency listening device to zero in on minute pressure differences within the pipes. The pressure differentials are often caused by tiny pinholes or split in the piping that would be otherwise undetectable by the human ear. When tap water in the house is unused, any faucets and other machines that run on water should have silent piping.

Any hissing or other small noises are indicative of a leak. In locating the source of the noise, we can access the area and expose the leak. The accuracy of the equipment we use is high, with most leaks being detected within 6 inches of their exact location! On some occasions where multiple leaks are present, with the help of this equipment, we can pinpoint all problem areas simultaneously.

Atlanta Water Leak Specialist!

Prices for these services are fair and competitive and will be applied toward the cost of your leak detection repair. Should you choose to have us complete the work, you will not be disappointed.

In many cases, home insurance covers the cost of the repairs performed as a result of these plumbing leaks. Likewise, your leak detection service would be included in our replacement cost. Individual insurance policies vary, however, so be sure to check before you assume they will help. And as always, all of our repairs include a 12-month warranty (not applicable with polybutylene repairs).