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Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures Wisely

Walking into a hardware store to look at bathroom fixtures can leave the most selective person spoilt for choice, and somewhat confused. There are so many options, each with its own range of features and benefits, that it can be difficult to make a decision. When you are in this situation, it is [...]

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Choosing a Shower Head

Everyone loves to take a shower and if you don’t, you more than likely still have a shower head. While we enjoy cleaning, we don’t enjoy when our shower heads experience problems while we are in the tub, or before we are about to get in. The issues these shower heads have can [...]

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Leaks in the Bathroom

Leaks in your bathtub, shower head, faucet, and in your bathroom sink are the most common of leaks and plumbing that require maintenance and repairs. While some leaks may be fixed at home and some will require a professional, your first step should always be figuring out where the problem is. 1. The [...]

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Budget Bathroom Remodeling Tips

These tips should help you to plan your remodel and create a well thought-through renovation budget. 1. Fix or Replace? Remember that you’re not required to change all the fixtures. Yellowing tubs or basins can be cleaned. Instead of rushing over to your home depot to buy new fixtures, first ensure that you [...]

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How to Easily Install a Bathroom Vanity

Almost every bathroom renovation requires removing your old vanity and installing a new one. Whether you choose to replace your old fixture with a vessel style, pedestal or cabinet style vanity, this tutorial will give you some great insights into the project. Before You Start... Make sure you have time - This project [...]

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Why You Should Install a Bidet

Although bidets are widely used in Europe, and some are in use in the US, it still has to gain traction to really become popular. However, many homeowners who are building or renovating, consider installing bidets in their bathrooms. Of course, walking away from the traditional way of practicing hygiene can be a [...]

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Fixes for Slow-Draining Bathroom Sinks

Slow draining bathroom sinks are one of the most common reasons why clients phone Ridgeway Mechanical and there are many reasons for this problem. Reasons for a Slow-Draining Bathroom Sink The popup can accumulate debris such as hair and small soap particles, and oils can collect inside the drain pipe walls. Over time, [...]

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